Educational institutions

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Most of the educational institutions of our country have preferred for the supply of their laboratory equipment, in laboratory benches, laboratory devices, but even for their furniture, such as desks, libraries and others.

Our company, in addition to the constructions necessary for spaces such as a simple laboratory, but even an anatomy auditorium, can also offer the necessary equipment to meet the needs of an educational institution regarding activities that require special air conditioning conditions and ventilation.

The company's range of products and services includes laboratory benches, extractor hoods, Laminar Flow, ventilation-ventilation machines, air-conditioning machines, work surfaces made of materials such as CORIAN, SYMEX (HPL), KERAPLAN (STONEWARE), DUROPAL etc.) accessories (such as chemicals liquid and gas faucets, sockets for chemical environments, etc.), air filters (active carbon filters, absolute filters, bag filters, prefilters, etc.).

Especially in the field of stainless steel constructions our know-how can cover even the most specialized requirements of the departments that need to be equipped with them.

Also, our company has a series of projects to show in which it has designed, manufactured and installed complete automations for air cleaning, for air conditioning of all kinds of places but also for him biological waste treatment before their discharge into the central sewage network.

Our workshops are equipped with measuring instruments, certified through our company's ISO 9001 procedures, with which they can ensure the quality levels of the result of the installed solutions we offer.

Our company with its scientific potential is ready to discuss with the technical service of your institution, the way in which you wish to implement your plans, but is also able to present solutions, after studying your requirements, having the experience he has acquired through the continuous research he does in the market for new products and solutions in the field of air conditioning and laboratory equipment of all kinds.