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DIN EN  ISO 9001: 2008
ΕΛΚΕΔΕ - ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 13150, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 14727
ΕΛΚΕΠΗΔΥ - Lab Bench
ΕΛΚΕΠΗΥ - Fume Hood

Although our main activities focus on large scale integrated solutions, we remain tender to smaller businesses as well that may not need excessive services, nevertheless they require equal attention and skills. In the case of a less demanding project, for example, even if there is a need for only one fume hood, we still deliver products and services paying equal attention.

Apart from the supply of laboratory equipment, we offer to our smaller customers (e.g. medical centers), complete solutions to any reconstruction projects such as indoor building modifications etc.

Our products and services include laboratory benches, fume hoods, cupboards , laminar flow, ventilation equipment , HVAC equipment, work surfaces of materials such as CORIAN, SYMEX (HPL), KERAPLAN (STONEWARE), DUROPAL etc) accessories (such as specialty chemical hydrants for liquids and gases, specialty power plugs for chemical environments, etc), air filters (activated carbon filters, absolute filters, bag filters, prefilters etc). 

Especially in the field of stainless steel constructions our expertise can meet even the most specific requirements.

Our company has delivered a number of projects in which we have designed, manufactured and installed complete automation for clean air, for air conditioning of any kind and for biological purification of waste before discharge into the central drainage network.

Our technicians are equipped with measuring instruments, certified through the processes of ISO 9001 in our company, in order to ensure the level of quality provided to the installations.

Due to our scientific resources, we are ready to discuss with you or/and the technical department of your institution, on the way you wish to implement your plans. Moreover, due to our experience gained through constant research for new products in the field of electrical and laboratory equipment, we are capable to study and analyze your requirements, and finally deliver novel solutions according to your needs.

Projects implemented for our customers

EQUIP Engineering Applications Ltd is accredited under the German Certification and Inspection Company TUV according to the standard for quality management ΕΝ ISO 9001:2000.

EN  ISO 9001: 2008
ΕΛΚΕΔΕ - ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 13150, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 14727
ΕΛΚΕΠΗΔΥ - Lab Bench
ΕΛΚΕΠΗΥ - Fume Hood
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